About Comic Kid

Comic Kid is a seven-year-old boy who loves to tell stories but hates to write stories, so he draws them instead. When he grows up, he wants to be a scientist, a ranger, and an inventor living in a laboratory on the Georgia coast with four otters and a few children, but no wife, because, “Well, I don’t think any girls like me.”

Comic Kid began crafting his “2D guys” when he was five years old. Inspired by superheroes, science, and his love for animals, each of his creations has its own special power and unique name, which he writes on the back, “So, welp, in case you forget what his name is, you can just turn him over and see.”

Some family favorites are Love Verb, Octo Otter (“Otters are my favorite animal because they are playful and cute.”), Big Head Jelly Mig (don’t ask—we don’t know what it means, either), Clothes Dude (“He has a hat for a head, pants for legs, and a shirt for arms!”), and The Giant Unsmart.

Although writing stories is not really his thing (“It takes too long!”), Comic Kid does like to draw comic books. Much to his mother’s annoyance, he has commandeered the dining room table so that he can really spread out when he works, explaining to her, “Mom, to you the dining room is a dining room, but to me the dining room is more like a writer’s workshop.”

At recess, when all the other kids are playing, Comic Kid likes to walk around and just think. When asked why, he answers, “Well, you know I have a thought machine inside my brain. Anything I can imagine becomes real inside my head.” And when he draws, his imagination becomes real for the rest of us. He draws because “I like to put my creativity into the world.”

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