Creativity Springs To Life

Our little Comic Kid is pretty brilliant… but it still takes a bit of a secret village to pull this all together.

Luckily for him, Comic Kid’s Aunt Jenny (me) has a Superpower – I know how to bring ideas to life and to market! After 25 years in the garment industry, I’ve faced my share of villains and met plenty of heroes along the way. I also know when I can do good in the world and spread Comic Kid’s creativity, happiness and wonder… which are his Superpowers!

Comic Kid comes up with all the concepts and creations completely on his own. I simply scan them into what CK (Comic Kid) calls my “cool tee-shirt machine”, convert to printable art, add a few graphics, push a button to transport them digitally across the country to a futuristic tee-shirt-maker-thingy and WHAMMO! It’s a tee, it’s a pillow, it’s an apron….no wait – It’s COMIC KID!


What’s your Superpower?

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