Join Team ComicKid

Join Team ComicKid

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It’s super simple to become a member of Team ComicKid!

Order a tee shirt or any ComicKid product, transform yourself into a member by snapping a selfie wearing or showing the product and send it to us through our Facebook page!

Here are a few things to consider when giving us permission to post your pic on our Facebook Page:

  1. You can snap a selfie showing your face or being mysterious and cropping it out 🙂 We respect your privacy.
  2. You can ask us to print your name, give us a Superhero name or some other identifying moniker!
  3.  Your selfie/image will not be used for any advertising purposes. We do not own the rights to your image. You are only giving us permission for it to be posted on the Comic Kid Co. Facebook Page as part of  Team ComicKid.


  1. Click Here to go to our Facebook page.
  2. Click the MESSAGE link.
  3. A box will appear for you to type your name or however you wish to be identified.
  4. Click the Image icon to upload your selfie.
  5. Huzzah! You’re finished! We’ll take it from there.



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