Giant Otter….Oh sure, he’s cute…

Giant Otter….Oh sure, he’s cute…

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As Told by Comic Kid…

Giant Otter is the most powerful 2D Guy. He can grow taller than skyscrapers and then when the evil-doers are vanquished, he returns to his normal size, which is as big as a human adult or an 8 year-old boy.

Becoming a giant isn’t his only superpower, he carries another behind him – his tail!  His mighty tail can swing at enemies and swat them like a baseball bat sending them soaring across the universe!

Like all otters, Giant Otter has large, long claws..but unlike other otters, he can fire them like missiles! He also has something you’ve never heard of before, he has electric water that he can breath out to frighten bad guys. That’s not his only highly charged power, he has electric charges in his fur which means he can control thunder and lightening!

Lastly, Giant Otter can emit a high-pitched note to signal his fellow Giant Otters for help. Can you imagine facing a romp of Giant Otters the size of skyscrapers?!

The End.

P.S. Tee shirt coming soon!

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